Hi, it's me, Lauren, writing into the void of the internet. In the craziness of all that is 2020- I have decided to channel some of my frustration into art. Thought that might be healthier than just wallowing in the world of COVID-19.


I have always been an avid music fan, growing up listening to David Bowie and Genesis definitely did a number on me. Before you ask, no I am not 50- I am 22 with a great father that thought me good music. So what does that have to do with anything you are probably asking? Well, I always look to music and art for comfort so, I taught during this time why not combine both into an art and music therapy project of my own. Every day during quarantine from now on I have decided to create a digital collage while listening to a certain album. The collage will reflect the sound and feel that I get from listening. I also have to finish the collage in the complete time of the album start to finish. Why not add a challenge in there too, right?


I have always believed the music you listen to is a direct reflection of one's self. Welcome to my playlist of quarantine. See you until this shit show is over. Might be a while, hope you don't get sick of me.